have a WRX Hybrid blow-off valve on my 2002 WRX and there seem to be times when it doesn't blow off, and when it does it isn't very loud. Is there a problem with the valve?

The MY01-2 model WRX features vastly improved noise insulation from the engine bay when compared to earlier models, so the noise of the valve tends to be quite muffled. Rest assured that if you drive past a concrete wall with the window down you will hear it! The recirculation part of the WRX Hybrid valve is substantially larger than the trumpet opening, and will open with much smaller piston movement. It is designed this way for maximum flow and also because these WRX's can be more sensitive to atmosphere venting than earlier models. So the times when you can't hear the valve are a result of most of the air going back to the inlet and the extra sound insulation.